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negima anime

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1negima anime Empty negima anime on Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:56 am


Hey guys, one of my other fav animes is
negima!, it also has a 2nd season called negima!? Which is an
alternative retelling of the story. Negima follows the story of a 10 year old
boy named negi springfield, negi is no ordinary boy, he’s a boy genius and get
this, he’s also a wizard. To complete his wizard training, he has to go all the
way from his home in Whales to JAPAN! And he has to teach at an all girls
middle school (lucky jerk). Things start off badly when he accidentally blows
up the skirt of one of his students, asuna. Bad news for negi cause asuna hates
little brats and is scary strong. When he finally makes it to the class room,
we find it full of not just students but a robot, a ghost, a samurai, and heaps
of other people. 1 wizard boy + 31 girl students = a whole lot of magic flying
off the handle. As a wizard, negi must find a partner to help him train and to
do that he must make a “pactio” with one of the girls. A pactio is a magical
contract the binds the 2 people together and become partners and it activated
by.....a kiss. And guess who his first partner is, u guessed it, asuna.
My final say on negima, hilarious and action packed the perfect combination for
an anime.

This is negi

negima anime NegimaNegi2

This is asuna

negima anime Asuna_mahou_sensei_negima

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2negima anime Empty Re: negima anime on Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:59 am

Not bad, dosent really interest me this one but ill take a look.

negima anime 24b20bp

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