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full metal alchemist anime

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1 full metal alchemist anime on Thu Aug 19, 2010 3:11 am


Hey guys, many people already know this
anime, but there’s no topic about it. The anime is full metal alchemist. The
story follows the tale of a boy named Edward elric, Ed for short. That’s
another thing, he’s really short, but don’t say that to him otherwise you’ll
regret it XD. Anyway, ED is the youngest person to receive a state alchemy
degree. For those who do not know what alchemy is, alchemy is the science that
you can get anything, but it comes with a price. Human kind cannot gain
anything without first giving up something in return, to obtain, something of
equal value must be lost, that is the first law of alchemy “equivalent
exchange”. The story goes that ed and al (al is ed’s younger brother and al is
short for Alphones) try to bring their mother back to life, by commiting the
taboo of human transmutasion, in the prosess, Al loses everything except his
soul and Ed loses his left leg then gives up his right arm to bond Al’s soul to
an empty suit of armour, they get fitted with automail (prostatic limbs) by
their childhood friend winery. They then start their journey to find the only
item to bring their bodies back, the philosopher’s stone. A long the way they
meet up with many different people and make many friends who will be revealed
in the future. My final word on full metal alchemist, it’s full of laughs,
action and adventure. But if you want to stick more to the manga, then you’re
better off watching full metal alchemist: brotherhood

This is ed


This is al


This is winry


This is the flamel cross which is the main
logo for FMA, it is an actual cross o.o



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2 Re: full metal alchemist anime on Thu Aug 19, 2010 3:17 am

Yer i hae heard of this but I do like it, when i finish watching DB DBZ DBGT and Soul eater Very Happy


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3 Re: full metal alchemist anime on Thu Aug 19, 2010 3:21 am


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Yeah I love This!!

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